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Essay Topics to Write About

<h1>Essay Topics to Write About</h1><p>Good paper subjects to expound on are one of the most significant things that you can find out about with regards to composing an article. It is hard to tell what article themes to expound on, and there are numerous that you can give a shot before you choose a specific point for your paper. There are no slam dunks throughout everyday life, so you should set aside some effort to think about the entirety of your choices before focusing on anything. You can make a decent article about any topic.</p><p></p><p>The generally regular of all points to expound on are those that individuals would need to find out about. These might be books, magazines, or papers. This will enable you to utilize what your principle objective is, and that is to compose an article that individuals will need to peruse. On the off chance that you don't have any enthusiasm for perusing, at that point this isn't the subject for you. Ensu re that you make your intended interest group mindful of this first.</p><p></p><p>An fascinating point to expound on is one that is dubious. This will permit you to talk about the debate, yet additionally use it as an approach to cause to notice the realities that you are attempting to get over. You should be cautious with your utilization of the word 'questionable.' If you utilize the word excessively, you will just exacerbate the situation for yourself in the long run.</p><p></p><p>Another thing that makes great exposition themes to expound on is a point that manages religion. Religion is consistently questionable, regardless of whether it is about governmental issues or even about strict issues. This is on the grounds that everybody has an alternate supposition about religion. You will find that when composing a paper about religion, that you will have the option to have a great deal of fascinating realities to discuss, just as them es that will be intriguing to peruse about.</p><p></p><p>Another subject to expound on that you can see as exceptionally fascinating is one that discussions about what somebody gained from someone else's point of view. For instance, if you somehow happened to take the perspective on somebody who was a skeptic, and expound on it in your article, you would have a one of a kind method of clarifying your perspective. The vast majority don't prefer to have somebody from a similar perspective as them expound on something, since they as a rule write such that they concur with. If you somehow managed to write in such a manner, you would include another viewpoint that is very different.</p><p></p><p>Essay points to expound on incorporate themes that are not generally the most well known. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the point is intriguing, at that point you won't experience difficulty getting individuals to understand it. Set asid e the effort to pick a theme that will be fascinating to find out about, and won't be loathed by everyone.</p><p></p><p>One simple approach to figure out how to compose expositions that are intriguing is to utilize your own encounters to discuss. In the event that you have been in a circumstance that you can't clarify in words, you can recount to the story such that individuals will have the option to get it. This is the manner by which you can utilize your own encounters to assist you with expounding on subjects that are intriguing. At the point when you take a gander at things from your own encounters, you will have the option to make an intriguing article, and it will be simpler for others to comprehend it as well.</p><p></p><p>Once you discover a theme that you like, and you start to expound on it, you will have the option to spare a great deal of time. By having more opportunity to compose, you will have the option to take a shot at different things other than attempting to make sense of what subject to expound on. You can invest some energy doing examination to assist you with becoming familiar with the subject. You should simply ensure that you do some examination before you begin, and this will assist you with having an incredible first draft.</p>

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Examples of Good Tok Essay Introduction Example

<h1>Examples of Good Tok Essay Introduction Example</h1><p>We've all observed instances of good or exposition presentation model example, however which instances of good or article presentation are the best ones? Is it increasingly critical to exhibit to you that you hear what you're saying or that you believe you're so cool? Remember, this is your opportunity to sparkle, so you need to ensure that when individuals read through your case of good tok article presentation model, they're keen on becoming familiar with what you need to state. So as to do this, you have to give models that exhibit your experience and involvement with the field of medication, as opposed to the nuts and bolts of pharmacology.</p><p></p><p>When you read through instances of good or exposition presentation model, you ought to have the option to show that you know about both conventional and current medication and that you have experience working in the field of outsid e medication. For instance, in case you're expounding on sensitivities, you have to show instances of how you can help individuals with the basic reasons for hypersensitivities. For instance, somebody who has hypersensitivities to residue or dust may not know about a contagious contamination. You need to show that you comprehend what hypersensitivities are and how to treat them by including the kinds of sensitivities and how they influence distinctive patients.</p><p></p><p>If you're expounding on outside medication, at that point instances of good or article presentation should give you information on how the body capacities and treats sicknesses just as the many symptoms. Instances of good or article presentation could remember a conversation for how anti-infection agents work, how ladies are influenced by menopause, how fibromyalgia works, the healthy benefit of vegetables, or what you can do to forestall illnesses. Rather than utilizing basic words like t oon, where you can add enlightening modifiers as far as possible of a word, for example, dry, you can include the addition - y, for example, dry-throat. This will show that you comprehend the clinical terms included and that you comprehend the reason and impacts of illnesses. A straightforward case of good tok article presentation could incorporate a picture demonstrating an infant who was conceived of an explicitly transmitted disease.</p><p></p><p>These instances of good or exposition presentation are significant, particularly with regards to contextual investigations. You need to show that you comprehend the job of an investigation, how to direct a clinical preliminary, and that you comprehend the way that you will treat the patient. For instance, you would prefer not to utilize the term 'stacked' while portraying a clinical preliminary that requires the subjects to partake in two phases.</p><p></p><p>Examples of good or exposition presentation can likewise show you a fundamental review of how you would test for one of these sorts of clinical preliminaries. For instance, in case you're trying for fibromyalgia, you can incorporate the sorts of cases that you would take a gander at to check whether they are fibromyalgia and to perceive how regularly they happen in the populace. At that point you can give instances of good or paper presentation that give you what you would search for in a patient to see whether they have fibromyalgia.</p><p></p><p>Another case of good tok article presentation could be a conversation on an inventive new medicine. One approach to show that you comprehend this sort of drug is to exhibit how it functions by exhibiting how the patient will be observed for potential symptoms. For instance, a few patients may see an influenza like side effect, however the impacts may not be felt right away.</p><p></p><p>You can show how these reactions are recorded to check whether these are available in the patient. You likewise need to show that this drug is very much endured by the patient so the symptoms are not extreme and reactions can be forestalled before they are experienced. With genuine instances of good or article presentation, you're ready to effectively introduce that this prescription is very much endured by the patient and that you comprehend what these meds are utilized for.</p><p></p><p>So since you discover somewhat more about instances of good or exposition presentation, you can feel free to compose a paper dependent on them. Great luck!</p>

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Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) - 1506 Words

1.0 Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM or simply HR) is the role inside an organization that is centered on the recruitment, management, and providing guidelines for employees in an organization; designed to maximize their performance to meet the organization’s strategic objectives. Human Resources Management (HRM) has turn out to be an important feature to deliberate in every organization. HRM is characterized by processes responsible for achieving set the goals and objectives of an organization through its employees. Previously, managing people in an organization was termed Personal Management, (PM) but known as HRM or Human Capital Management (HCM). HRM is more flexible and structured than PM, which is more valuable to employees. They are accountable for generating, executing and/or supervising rules and regulations governing employee attitude and the attitude of the organization toward its employees. This can also be defined as the process of employing and developing employees to become resourceful and valuable to their employer. This includes scheduling work analysis, providing workers welfare, employing skilled and qualified personnel, orientation and training, managing salaries, providing welfares and incentives, appraising performances, resolving differe nces, and communication will all employees at all level (Heathfield , 2016). 1.1. Distinguish between personal and Human Resources Management HRM is a department in an organization that are given theShow MoreRelatedHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1508 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Human resource management (HRM) is the managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used effectively and in alignment with an organization’s goals† (Youssef, 2012). The primary role of human resource management is to plan, develop, and order policies and programmers designed to make prompt use of an organization’s human resources. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within an organization. I currently work for a HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1552 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an association that has emphases on the employment of, administration of, and providing direction for the employees within an organization. The Human Resource Management department members deliver knowledge, traini ng, tools, administrative services, and lawful and organization advice. The HRM department is organized by very talented managers who has a mission to make sure the rest of the business has the needs for successful operation. HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1562 Words   |  7 PagesHuman resource management (HRM) is an important strategic and systematic approach that provides each company with the opportunity to create policies and practices, as well as to establish administrative forms (Pfeffer, 2007). According to Armstrong (2009) HRM is an approach that deals with ‘employment, development, and well-being of the people working in organizations’. However HRM has evolved significantly through the years due to the rapid social, economic, political and environmental changes.Read MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1142 Words   |  5 Pageshe HRM Process Human Resource Management (HRM) is a combination of elements that work interdependently on each other to carry out the daily functions within an organization. Human Resources Management operates in several roles serving as a liaison between the organization and the employee. This dual role often present challenges within HRM; therefore it is vital the HRM Department is skilled on various issues that may arise on a daily basis within an organization. In this paper, I will discussRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1105 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an association that has emphases on the employment of, administration of, and providing direction for the employees within an organization. The Human Resource Management department members deliver knowledge, training, tools, administrative services, and lawful and organization advice. The HRM department is organized by very talented managers who has a mission to make sure the rest o f the business has the needs for successful operation. HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management : Hrm772 Words   |  4 Pagesa brief description of the models of HRM discussed in the first chapter of the textbook, and explain how each one relates to strategic human resource management. Human Resource Management (HRM) at its best seeks to manage people and resources to maximize economic and social outputs. Social output resulting from providing opportunity for advancement will ultimately make employees become true participants in the company. Bratton and Gold (2012) outline six HRM models, they are: the Forbrum, TichyRead MoreHrm And The And Human Resource Management1094 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The main purpose to write this essay is to analogize the differences in the field of HRM and IR. The Foundation of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management is based on intense academic study. The essay is an endeavor to illustrate by scrutinizing their objectives and the viewpoints or the approaches of this field. The first part of the essay is an attempt to define HRM and IR and it further continues to explain the differences and similarities between the two. In the lastRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1405 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) seeks to manage people and resources to maximize economic and social outputs. Bratton and Gold (2012) outline six HRM models which include: the Forbrum, Tichy and Devanna model, the Harvard model, the Guest model, the Warwick model, The Storey model, and Ulrich’s Strategic Partner model of HRM. Forbrum Tichy and Devanna model of HRM is based on the principle of selecting, appraising, developing and rewarding employees who fulfill management strategic business interestsRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )2412 Words   |  10 Pages these human traits can bring considerable benefits to organizations† (Mullins 1999). However, when managed poorly they have the potential to limit organizational growth and threaten the viability of a business. â€Å"There are countless examples of corporate and project crises in the construction sector which have arisen as the result of people s behaviour, and it would seem that human resource management (HRM) has the potential to eliminate more construction risks than any other management approach†Read MoreHuman Resources Management ( Hrm ) Essay794 Words   |  4 Pages Human Resources Management (HRM) is people who work in an organization. The manager is a person who manages people, leads, facilitates and provide tools for the organization. Human resources management also, sets strategic processes and procedures, run difficult and complex communication as the organization attracts the best talents from the recruiting process. Human resources management is where everything begins and ends for an individual and the organization. Consequently

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Finding Humanities 1101 Field Trip Essay Samples

Finding Humanities 1101 Field Trip Essay SamplesThe Humanities 1101 is a nationally recognized program and this program is developed in an attempt to develop ways of helping students in each classroom, study group and a field trip to learn and be better informed about their subjects. It is quite remarkable that the Humanities 1101 is working so hard to make sure that everyone is on the same page about their subjects. When students are on the same page they know what to expect when they are asked a question and they will therefore not forget the information. Students do forget what they are studying and if you do not provide them with a reason why the information is being forgotten they are not going to learn anything.One of the main goals for Humanities 1101 is to make sure that students do not forget what they are studying and they are able to utilize the opportunity of learning for both school and field trip activities. The essay sample is probably one of the most important aspects of this course because it is the first thing students see. This can be a real stumbling block for some students and they are not going to be able to remember what they have been taught in class. The easy way to prevent this from happening is to provide students with a list of examples they can use as a writing exercise or the application for a test.It is very important for students to know exactly what they need to look for when searching for field trip essay samples. You will find that these are often different from one area to another and they will vary as well. The reason for this is because the topic changes as well as the type of course that is being studied.Humanities 1101 teach all of the students to be creative and this is going to be a big topic for discussion when discussing the topic of creativity. Most creative individuals have a creative mind and they usually use that creative mind to create something that makes a lot of sense. They tend to be very detail oriented. The difficulty of the subject and the level of difficulty will also play a part in how creative the student is.One of the first things that you will find when starting a course like this is that there is an emphasis on communication skills. The ability to communicate is very important for any student because it does not matter what subject you are studying. Students are going to be interacting with their professors and others in their class and communication is a very important aspect of any education. Communication skills help students to communicate effectively in order to get a particular point across. They can work in groups and get other students to understand what they are trying to say.You will find that humanities courses are taught in semester classes. The class structure may vary, and they may include a specific number of sections in the semester. It is the students' responsibility to keep up with assignments and to meet the required deadlines. Students can be held accountabl e for their behavior as well as their own academic performance.One of the ways that humanities courses get their students in touch with their creative side is through the process of listening. This is a very valuable and effective method of teaching because it provides the students with the experience of thinking out loud. You will find that as the students get to interact with each other the level of interaction will increase and the ability to come up with new ideas will become apparent.The goal of humanities courses is to help students become better informed about their subjects and also to be more creative. The techniques taught in the courses are different and it is going to take some time to get to grips with what the different techniques are all about. However, once the students have understood the material they are going to be able to get involved with the larger community that is involved in the field.

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The Canadian Health Care System - 1823 Words

Over the past decade there has been a major debate over healthcare reform across the globe, including Canada. The Canadian health care system is called Medicare and can be described as a single-payer system. In essence, the majority of Canadians receive health care through a publicly funded system that consists of federal transfers to the ten provincial governments who then decided how the money is to be allocated in conjunction with the federal health care standards. These standards were set by the Canada Health Act of 1985 (henceforth â€Å"the Act†), which states that each province must adhere to the Act’s five main principles in order to receive funding; these principles include: universal coverage for all medically necessary care,†¦show more content†¦Proponents of Medicare state that with a single-payer system equity is more attainable than in a system that depends on a person’s ability to pay as in the US. However, a study done by O’Neill a nd O’Neill found that Canada actually has a higher â€Å"health income gradient† than in the US (2007). Many believe that this inequity is due to the ambiguity surrounding the Act’s term â€Å"medically necessary† that has never been clearly defined. Thus, each province controls what is deemed â€Å"medically necessary† causing ten different benefits packages and increased inequity. Other liabilities include: a lack of funding for hospitals, insufficient healthcare resources (such as surgeons, MRI and CT scanners), a short supply of family doctors, and a halt in technological innovation. When compared to the US, Canada spends around half as much on investment in medical facilities and around a third as much on technology investments (â€Å"US Health Care VS. France, UK, Canada†). Also, in most provinces acquiring a family doctor occurs through a lottery system (ABC report). These disadvantages are the basis for the various recommendations for policy reform. The search for the best universal healthcare system has expanded all over the globe and Canada is no exception. As with anything involving public policy, there have been a number of options put forward as the best policy option to fix the shortcomings of the current system. Some argue that Canada should add supplementaryShow MoreRelatedThe Canadian Health Care System1111 Words   |  5 PagesThe Canadian health care system is often touted as a better health care system compared to the way the United States administers health care since the two neighboring nations appear to be economically and socially similar. The U. S. and Canada have extensive health care systems for it citizens but each country has different methods to financing health care. Health care in Canada is funded at both the provincial and federal levels while the U.S. health care system funded by a combination of publicRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System1226 Words   |  5 Pagesthat â€Å"The 1983 Canada Health Act replaced the 1947 Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services act because of the shift from a system of 50-50 federal-provincial cost sharing to a system of block funding established in Ottawa in 1977† (Fierlbeck 2011, pg.20). Until the period of the mid 1980’s, the Canadian health care system is to be categorized in a disarray, having no foundation to components and accomplishment. The system is to rely mainly on cost sharing; whereby in a health insurance policy onlyRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System Essay1191 Words   |  5 PagesA Poisoned System While many may argue that the Canadian health care system provides equal treatment to every Canadian, evidence shows that this is not the case. There are major discrepancies within the system regarding Indigenous people that need to be addressed including several factors such as: housing issues, stereotypes Aboriginals face and the lack of Aboriginal doctors. Colonialism has contributed to multiple issues in the lives of Aboriginal people including inadequate housing and cleanRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System2066 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction to the issue (e.g. problem, dilemma, concern); include a thesis statement. The Canadian health care system is certainly unique in its features†¦. Despite, the fact that the Canadian health care system is one of the most evolved in the world, it lacks a sense of an efficiency effective mission, in which would improve the quality and accessibility of health care in the management perspective. In this paper we will analyze current ineffective practices, and alternate methods; in regardsRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System1306 Words   |  6 PagesThe Canadian healthcare system is currently ranked in the top 11 OECD countries making the Canadian healthcare system one of the best in the world, although like all perfect systems, there are always uncovered flaws within. When examining certain attributes and traits within the system, such as accessibility and the general quality of healthcare performance is considered to be low ranking amongst international practices, thus improvements are needed. More importantly, the Canadian health care systemRead Mor eThe Canadian Health Care System1527 Words   |  7 Pagesfor having high standards of health care with free access to all citizens. Despite this being a widely held idea, the reality is that marginalized groups are not experiencing the same standards of health care as other Canadian Citizens. Despite the fact that some researchers say racialization does not play a factor in the level of health care received by people (Guilfoyle 1512), Indigenous Peoples in Canada do not have equal access to the Canadian health care system due to the problems arising fromRead MoreCanadian Health Care System887 Words   |  4 Pageswas not until 1946 that the first Canadian province introduced near universal health coverage. Saskatchewan had long suffered a shortage of doctors, leading to the creation of municipal doctor programs in the early twentieth century in which a town would subsidize a doctor to practice there. Soon after, groups of communities joined to open union hospitals under a similar model. There had thus been a long history of government involvement in Saskatchewan health care, and a significant section of itRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System1694 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The Canadian health care system fosters universal and comprehensive access to essential health care services (Flood, 2004). However, there have been debates on what services are necessary as espoused in the Canada Health Act (Caulfield, 1996; Caulfield Zarzeczny, 2014; Charles, Lomas, Giacomini, 1997). Although there are similarities among provinces in terms of core services covered under publicly funded medical care, some variability still exists across provinces (Charles et alRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System1531 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Emergency departments are considered an important aspect of the health care system. For many years, wait times have been an area of concern for many Canadians and remain a significant issue. One of the major concerns within the Canadian health care system is the amount of time spent as waiting time in the healthcare services. Wait times are the length of time from when the patient is triaged and registered, to when the patient leaves from the emergency room (Affleck, Parks, DrummondRead MoreThe Canadian Health Care System1849 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction â€Å"Medicare is a Canadian success story. Not perfect, but good enough to be envied by much of the world.† — H.L. Mencken The birth of Medicare was in Saskatchewan on July 1, 1962. Medicare was the first government controlled, comprehensive, universal single payer medical insurance plan in Canada. Many insurance industries and all the medical institutions were against the idea of having Medicare. They feared that Medicare will become popular and will spread across the globe. Once

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Winnunga Nitmmityjah Aboriginal Health Service- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theWinnunga Nitmmityjah Aboriginal Health Service. Answer: Introduction Aboriginal health means the physical, cultural and social welfare of the whole community in which every person can achieve their full potential (Alford, 2014). The aboriginal population has been dramatically affected by poverty and drug use which resulted in the need for medical assistance in these Aboriginal Australian communities. According to Jongen (2014), the Aboriginal Health Service (AHS) controls health services at a primary level but also offers different programs that promote the right healthy lifestyle. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MCH programs provide services that decrease pre-term births and improve infant birth weights. Winnunga development offering responsive and the required services which adapt to the essential needs of the local community (Jongen, 2014). History The late Olive Brown, a local Aboriginal, set up a temporary medical service in Canberra due to the widespread mobilization of people around the opening of the new Parliament House. It proved to be the birth of Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS in 1988. According to Alford (2014), Justin Mohamed associated with the Victorian Aboriginal communities before being elected as the head of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). In January 1990, Wayne Berry (minister), raised funds and in 1991, the clinic was opened officially at the Griffin Center as a 24-hour medical practice center. Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS has established a couple of centers and is currently at 63 Boolimba Cresent Narrabundah. Vision and Mission According to Fowlie (2015), the mission and vison of the healthcare service is to ensure further provision of smoking cessation services and provide on-going tobacco support services for women who are pregnant and young children. Furthermore, it provides health services that are culturally safe for the indigenous peoples and the surrounding areas. Winnunga's mission is to ensure the social and cultural needs of the indigenous people and surrounding region are given priority in a safe cultural environment (Hellsten, 2012). Services and Operations Winnunga Nummityjah AHS offers various programs and services on a daily basis to people between 80 to 120 and approximately 4000 clients per year (Hellsten, 2012). According to Lovett (2014), the services provided include nursing services which comprise a team of nurses who can manage various fields such as chronic disease, mental health and drug and alcohol. The nurses have an essential role in the treatment of chronic illness and mental health care plan (Lovett, 2014). Another services provided is by assisting families that have faced injustice issues, for instance, by getting community correction admission for the indigenous people (Bartels, 2010). Psychotherapy and cognitive therapies help the development of mental health care plans; therefore clients can have access to such services at the center. Moreover, they provide, womens health services which provide health screening for women which may include prenatal advice and family planning (Hellsten, 2012). The team also offers various services that benefit expectant mothers during the pregnancy period and after delivery of the baby. Moreover, the midwifery team provides prior, post-maternal care for expectant mothers and home care support for the community. In addition to that, the group of nurses works with ACT hospitals which assists in giving health care services between the hospital and Winnunga. Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS also controls some social health care programs and services which employ female and male counseling and support staff. Other services offered may include counseling and advocacy. According to Hellsten (2012), the social health team also takes part in community service aimed at promoting pride in Aboriginal culture. Winnunga also provides to health promotion services which include a diabetes clinic, an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, dermatology, physiotherapy, audiology and prison service. Membership Winnungas membership group consists of 81% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and 19% of non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. The healthcare service gives priority to men, women, couples, and children (Davy, 2016). Contacts and Location More inquiries can be made through contacting; Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service 63 Boolimba Cresent Narrabundah ACT 2603 Telephone (02) 6284 6222 or fax us on (02) 6284 6200 Free call 1800 110 290 0r 1800 120 859 The link to the Winnunga Nimmityjah Location map: Winnungas working hours are; Monday to Friday from 9.00 in the morning to 5.00 in the evening. The organization also offers after-hour services, and a client can inquire for more information by contacting number is 1300 422 567. Issues and Challenges Funding issues are not uncommon in the Aboriginal Health Service organizations. In Winnunga, there is an acute accommodation crisis, for instance, some of the midwives have to share the same room since the number of rooms is limited compared to the number of midwives in the facility. There is also a similar situation when the nurses have to share the same place due to the limited number of rooms compared to the workforce present in the healthcare center. Other challenges include out of control rates of imprisonment leading to a problem of reintegration on release from prison for the indigenous people in Canberra. (Guthrie, 2014)).Another issue faced by the organization is the large numbers of children in care which increases its expenses. Ms. Tongs also stated that the increasing use of ice has led to relying on the police at least once a fortnight to help with a client. Impressions From my experience interacting with the Aboriginal community in Canberra, I have gotten the impression that this specific organization can relate with their clients, the majority being the indigenous clients on a more personal and context relevant level for instance, culturally. One of the released men also states that he appreciates the organization for giving him holistic care during his incarceration period and helped in the planning of his release. According to Churchill (2015), there was good midwifery care since there was cultural and community connection between the different women who had unique backgrounds. It has enabled them to have access to good health care during pregnancy, delivery and in reproductive needs. Conclusion Through the services that are being offered by Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service as highlighted in this report, we can identify how the organization fulfills its mission and vision of providing culturally safe healthcare services for the indigenous people and surrounding areas. This healthcare service provider can provide this services through international integration and government funding which gradually continues to fulfill its duties to the community. Furthermore, the healthcare center offers proper care for women who need maternal care and ensuring that they are in a culturally safe environment. References Alford, K. (2014). Economic value of aboriginal community controlled health services.Canberra: National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Press Club. Bartels, L. (2010). Research in Practice: Diversion programs for Indigenous women Churchill, M. E. (2015).Defining and Evaluating Cultural Safety at Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto: Exploring Urban Indigenous Womens Perspectives on Culturally Safe Maternity Care(Doctoral dissertation). Davy, C., Harfield, S., McArthur, A., Munn, Z., Brown, A. (2016). Access to primary health care services for Indigenous peoples: A framework synthesis.International journal for equity in health,15(1), 163. Guthrie, J., Levy, M., Fforde, C. (2014). Investment in prisons: an investment in social exclusion? Linking the theories of justice reinvestment and social inclusion to examine Australias propensity to incarcerate.Griffith Journal of Law Human Dignity,1(2). Hellsten, D., Hakiaha, H. (2012). Indigenous mental health in Australia and New Zealand.Psychiatric and mental health nursing, 109-121. Jongen, C., McCalman, J., Bainbridge, R., Tsey, K. (2014). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander maternal and child health and wellbeing: a systematic search of programs and services in Australian primary health care settings.BMC pregnancy and childbirth,14(1), 251. Lovett, R., Dance, P., Guthrie, J., Brown, R., Tongs, J. (2014). Walan Girri: developing a culturally mediated case management model for problematic alcohol use among urban Indigenous people.Australian Health Review,38(4), 440-446. Fowlie, C., Van der Sterren, A. (2015). Reducing smoking in the ACT among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who are pregnant or who have young children. Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service: Planning and Delivering Services to Address Entrenched Disadvantages in the Aboriginal Community. Retrieved from:

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